SparkyRoot Android App: Easiest Way So far To Root Asus Transformer Prime

root transformer prime

Easiest Way So Far To Root Asus TF101 And TF201 Tablet – Custom exploit to root Asus Transformer Prime has been discussed not so long after its official release: viPerMod Tool is the best one. Yet, even when this device got new software update, there’s also still a way to bring it rooted. But recently, there is another way to root Transformer Prime and this one is probably the easiest way so far by simply installing .apk file.

root transformer prime

An XDA Senior Member “sparkym3″ has just released a very dead simple Android app allowing you to gain root on your Transformer Prime tablet in not so painful way. Created based on the busybox exploit, Sparky Root tool lets you root and install Superuser (SU) on your tablet without having to even rebooting. Sounds very cool huh?

This root app has been confirmed working on current OTAs for the ASUS Transformer (TF101) and Transformer Prime (TF201) Devices. This includes v9.4.2.15 for the TF201 and v9.2.1.11 for the TF101.

ps: This app will only root and bring SU on your tablet but it still has no feature allowing you to unroot. The developer says he will include unroot option in the next updated version.

How To Use SparkyRoot On Transformer Prime

1- Download SparkyRoot tool .apk file here.

2- Install that .apk file on your tablet

3- Now launch the app up

4- Tap on Step 1, Exploit

this step will Exploit move the files around and replace the busybox file

5- Tap Step 2, Open up the ASUS App Backup tool

this step will allow you to backup your apps

6- Return to this app then tap on step 3, Install SuperUser

7- Finally tap on step 4, Cleanup

this step will cleanup all of the temporary files and revert the busybox file

That’s it. Current latest version of SparkyRoot is v1.1. For more queries and question can be found on its official XDA thread over here.


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