Bypass HBOOT 1.5 S-ON on Evo 3D (Possibly Other Devices)


Get S-OFF On HTC Evo 3D With Updated HBoot 1.5 – Another great news has been posted on XDA forum detailing all required steps to bypass new HBOOT 1.5 S-ON security.

In case if you don’t know, by turning your Android device S-ON to S-OFF, you will be able to flash unsigned code and radios onto your handset. However, with Security OFF (S-OFF), your device will get biggest chance to brick. But since the release of famous method that makes the device recognizable via an emmc tool while in bricked state, getting S-OFF becomes popular.

In case of HTC Evo 3D, it is known as one of the toughest nuts to crack in terms of being able to turn the device security from S-ON to S-OFF. But the well known Revolutionary Team was able to get S-OFF on Evo 3D.

Unfortunately, HTC has released a patch and updated HBOOT to a newer version (1.5) to include newer patch of exploit used by Revolutionary Team.


But luckily, another XDA member “Unknownforce” has found a tricky way to bypass HBoot 1.5 S-ON, downgrade it to lower version then leads you to getting S-OFF.

However, this method is intended only for Evo 3D CDMA version only as its GSM version has its HBOOT located elsewhere.

Curious? Watch the video below..

EVO 3D, HBOOT 1.50.0000 Downgrade from Unknownforce XDA on Vimeo.

Shortly, this tutorial is done via Linux so you’ll need it installed either virtually using Dropbox or VMWare, or you can simply install it in dual-boot mode. Once you have it, simply read this complete tutorial in XDA thread here.


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