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zillya av

Zillya! Antivirus – Free Lightweight Anti Virus Program Made In Ukraine – Need a great alternative to world’s most popular premium antivirus programs like Avira, Avast, AVG, Norton, McAfee and so on? Well, there is another free one besides Avira Personal and AVG Free, and this one is called Zillya! Antivirus.

Made in Ukraine, Zillya AV is a freeware focusing to protect and secure your PC / Windows-based laptop from many virus, malware, and spyware threats.

zillya av

What’s so special about Zillya! Anti virus? Firstly because it is free and it consumes minimum system resources so Windows will still run smoothly and uninterrupted. Hence, Zillya av will work lightning-fast due to the lowest memory and processing usage.

Comes with built-in tools for contacting emergency on-line antimalware service and unique heuristic analysis algorithms, hopefully there will be no viruses are allowed to attack your PC.

Personally its name “Zillya” is still new in my ears. So if you think you never heard before so you doubted it, then think again. This free antivirus software is really worth to try. Moreover, this app has very nice user interface and really looks so professional so you won’t regret it.

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Free Download Zillya Antivirus (.msi Installer Direct Link)


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