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Easy Trick To Decompile, Recompile, and Sign Most .APK Files – A very fundamental trick that most Android users who want to not just owning their device for daily usage must know, how to decompile any .apk files then recompile it again -with modifications of course- followed by signing it for easy implementation.

But then comes the question on how to do that? Is that task requiring advanced programming / coding technique?

Well, lets thank to an XDA member “Yorzua” who has shared a nice easy way to do that task with a little help of Apktool, Openssl, Signapk.jar and even a simple tool like Notepad++ or for me, I prefer Notepad2.

Yet, he also shared a complete tool kit to do the task but remember that it works on most .APKs and may not work in some complex .APKs.

As this trick is really a must-know for a themer, tweaker, or simply an Android end-user. So you better bookmark it for further usage.

android apk

Decompiling APK

The command is:

apktool d .apk

The apk name can be whatever name you give.

Recompiling APK

Once you’ve made some modifications to the .APK, simply use following command to re-compile .apk:

apktool b

Signing Your APK

The final step you’ll need to do is signing you APK. Use following command:

java -jar SignApk.jar testkey.x509.pem testkey.pk8 .apk _signed.apk

For more queries you can ask him directly via the discussion thread on XDA here and you may also need to download the complete kit to de/re-compile Android .apk files here.


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