Fix Infected DNS with Avira DNS Repair Tool

avira dns repair

Download Avira DNS Repair Tool To Fix Infecting DNSChanger Malware – In case if you missed the full version Avira Internet Security license giveaway and still using Avira Personal Edition, you may gonna need this. Avira has released DNS Repair tool to reset and fix infected DNS from DNSChanger Malware.

DNSChanger is a malware plus trojan that will manipulate your ISP default DNS then redirects you from your ISP DNS servers to rogue DNS server.

How bad is this malware anyway? It’s really bad till FBI has managed to held special ops namely “Operation Ghost Click : International Cyber Ring That Infected Millions of Computers Dismantled”.

avira dns repair

DNSChanger was used to redirect unsuspecting users to rogue servers controlled by the cyber thieves, allowing them to manipulate users’ web activity

According to one of FBI agent stated as following:

“They were organized and operating as a traditional business but profiting illegally as the result of the malware,” said one of our cyber agents who worked the case. “There was a level of complexity here that we haven’t seen before”.

To date, there are over 4 millions computers around the world are infected with this malware. It means you are also potential to be infected.

In case if you are really infected (check it here), Avira DNS Repair Tool will help you reset your DNS to its default setting. So download now..

Download Avira DNS Repair Tool


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