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android boot

Create Custom Android Boot Animation Manually (How To) – While recently iPhone users get an easy Cydia tweak to install custom animated boot logo, Android users can simply create, build, and install it manually on their phones. If you wondering how it be done, then simply read on..

android boot

First of all, you’ll need some basic editing tools like GIMP, Photoshop and Notepad (I prefer Notepad2).

You’ll also need to create new folders which the number is depend on what type of animation you want. If you want to use a repeated video, then you’ll only need a folder. But if you want to use repeated set of images, you’ll need at least two folders: (part0, part1) (intro, repeat).

make sure you have already had 480×800 px .PNG images as frames of your boot animation. Each frame needs to have some numerical value like frame001.png, frame002.png, frame003.png, frame004.png, etc. Place those images in the folders.

If you want to use a looping video, then place that video into single folder while images need to be placed folders which are: Place all of the images that is to be the intro to folder 1 while all looping images will go into folder 2.

Now launch Notepad up and save it as “desc.txt”. This text file is going to tell Android of what to do. The command should look like this one:

480 800 20
p 1 0 intro
p 0 0 repeat

480 800 20 <-- Width of the animation in pixels. This will stay 480 for Evo users Height of the animation. Keep this 800 for Evo Users Frames per second. This is basically your 'speed' of the animation. This will stay in between 10-30 (10 being slower, longer, and choppy; 30 being fast, short, and smooth.)

p 1 0 intro <-- p is telling it to play this folder. It will always be there. Folder is to be played 1 time before moving on to the next folder. Pause the movie for 0 frames after the animation is completed before moving on to the next folder. (This will normally stay 0). Name of the folder to be played. In this case, the folder named "intro" gets played once and then it moves on to the next line.

p 0 0 repeat <-- Play the animation... Folder is to be indefinately played. The 0 is telling it to play this folderover and over. Just keep it 0. Folder "repeat" gets played.

Once the commands are set properly. Put all those folders (with images in it) and desc.txt file into a single .zip archive. For this purpose you can use Winzip, Winrar or 7zip. Rename that file to “”

Done. Now simply use root explorer to put that file into /system/customize/resource then reboot your phone. That’s it. If you think it is something difficult, think again and refer to this XDA thread for more queries.


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