Root Nook Tablet Firmware version 1.4.1 With SD Card

Rooted Nook

(Download) Root Nook Firmware Version 1.4.1 via SD Card – Just upgraded your Nook firmware to version 1.4.1? Well, getting Superuser on it is a little bit hard. But thanks to an XDA member “Indirect” has invented innovative way to root your Nook and install SU plus Google Apps on it easily via SD Card.

Rooted Nook

This method uses the files and method to install CWM from Goncezilla I just threw together the method to flash superuser and I’ll work on getting rid of…

The method is basically simple. Simply grab the .zip file, copy it to a well-formatted SD card, insert it into the Nook Tablet, turn it on, and you should directly boot into CWM. Or if we brake it down more, it should be something like these steps..

How To Root Nook Tablet v1.4.1 (or any other versions)

1- Buy / prepare a brand new formatted SD card.

Do not use the one you have data stored on.

2- Format that SD Card with FAT32

3- Download the exploit file (.zip) here (Mediafire)

4- Extract / unzip the file to the root of the boot partition

5- You should have following files in the root of your SD Card (not in folder):

flashing_boot.img, u-boot.bin, and boot.img

6- Insert SDCARD into your Nook Tablet, make sure your Nook is powered off

7- Once inserted, simply turn your Nook ON

8- You should now boot into ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM)

9- You’ll also need to download this .zip file:

Download (

10- Then put that file onto the /mnt/media/ directory or you can push to /emmc/ while in CWM.

This method may seem so easy but all detailed note and queries can be found at its XDA thread here.


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