RZ and ClockWorkMod Recovery for Samsung Galaxy Mini

RZ Recovery for Galaxy Mini

Download Clockworkmod and RZ Recovery for Galaxy Mini – Great great news for every Samsung Galaxy Mini owners which I’m sure there are many out there. A member of XDA “squadzone” has posted two special recovery apps for that middle-spec’ Android phone: the well known ClockworkMod Recovery and RZ Recovery.

RZ Recovery for Galaxy Mini

Which one is awesome? But of them is really awesome and really working. But if you gonna switch from CWM recover to RZ, you should also consider that currently RZ recovery doesn’t support to read CWM backup file. So use it by caution.

Using custom recovery can give you many options and advanced features so you can perform several advanced recovery, restoration, installation and maintenance operations on your Android device or in this case is your Samsung Galaxy Mini. I’m sure you’ve read what features are included with CWM. But what features are included with RZ Recovery?

RZ Recovery Features

- overclock settings
– Arbitrary update.zip selection (with folders)
– rom.tgz support
– Unsigned update.zip support
– ability to wipe system, data, boot, dalvik-cache, battery stats, cache
– No automatic backup when installing a rom.tgz
– update.zip from folder support
– Ability to install APK’s, IMG’s, ZIP’s, TAR’s, TGZ’s from the same menu
– Wipe battery statistics
– Battery charging!
– Ability to root any ROM
– 12 predefined colors + random color selection
– Rave mode: random color every time screen is redrawn
– preinstall update.zip menu
– battery status (charging status, temperature and charge level) display
– android_secure nandroid / wipe support
– Hold volume keys to scroll
– Touch screen scrolling on some devices
– Can add plugins for new menu

With the “Arbitrary update.zip selection” of RZ Recovery allows you to flash your downloaded custom ROM .zip file without having to rename the file to “update.zip”. Out standing huh?

Any way, here’s the download link but do not forget to also visit its official forum thread at XDA here and here.

Download CWM for Galaxy Mini

File Name : update-cwm-
File Size : 7.08 MB

Download via MultiUpload

Download RZ Recovery for Galaxy Mini

File Name : update-RZ-2.1.4-final-squadzone.zip
File Size : 6.83 MB

Download via MultiUpload


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