Format Mac-compatible Flash Drive / USB Storage Disk

OSX Formatting Flash Drive

How To Format Flash Drive to Mac OS X compatible HFS+ – One think I like each time I visited OSXDaily is I always found useful daily tips there. And one simple tips shared this time is talking about how to prepare a USB flash drive to be Mac-compatible format.

As a preface, we know that many and most of USB Flash Drive (UFD) come formatted and optimized for Windows.

What about Mac? Well, even Mac OS X can also recognize and read popular drive format including Windows NTFS, MSDOS and ExFAT. But however, everything will run smoothly without many problems if your UFD is formatted specially for Mac OS X system.

OSX Formatting Flash Drive

Why making your Flash drive to be a format compatible for Mac?
This is necessary whether you want to create any other bootable Mac OS X volume from a drive or to make a USB installer for Mac OS X Lion.

Anyway, here’s how to format it..

1- Plug in your UFD / External Drive to Mac
2- Launch Applications >> Utilities >> Disk Utility
3- Locate and click on your UFD name (left side)
4- Then click on [Erase] tab
5- Next to “Format:” click / select “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)”
6- Name it as you wish
7- Click the [Erase] button
8- Then confirm it on the next pop-up window

That’s it,.. Time long spent by this process depends on how large is your UFD storage capacity. So be patient..
Source: OSXDaily.


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    Thanks for sharing,I just come across the trouble with formating flash drive to Mac OS X …your guide is really helpful

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