Easy Way To Restore Nandroid Backup Files via ClockworkMod Recovery

Restore Nandroid Files

How To Use CLockworkmod Recovery for Nandroid Restore – We’ve learned easy way to create full Nandroid backup of your data and settings of your Android phone. But the next question should be” How to restore that created Nandroid backup files? Curious? Read on.

Once again, this useful and must-know daily tip for every Android users is coming from Redmondpie.

Restore Nandroid Files

Steps To Restore Nandroid Backups

0- In case if the Nandroid files are stored in your PC, transfer it first to your phone and put it in this location:

1- Launch ROM Manager app

2- Tap on Reboot to Recovery.

3- Your phone will then reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM)

4- Once in CWM, go to backup & restore >> restore >> then select the Nandroid backup file you’ve created

5- Sit tight, grab a cup of tea, and wait till the restore process to complete.

Just be patient as usually restore process can take some times. Once done, all your data will be restored successfully.


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  1. laptop repair in leicesterFebruary 20, 2012 at 8:23 pmReply

    Great way to do a nandroid. You don’t even need to use any other tool for backups and restore besides cwm. Backup using cwm and restore as well. i use it for my nexus s and it works great when im flashing different kernels such as matr1x and netarchy.

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