Virtuous Ten Studio, It’s A New Tool To Hack .APKs Easily

Virtuous Ten Studio Tool

Virtuous Ten Studio APK File Editor – Easily known as “VTS” which stands for Virtuous Ten Studio is tend to be an easy-to-use advanced APK file editor utility created by Diamondback2010, an XDA member from Germany.

Virtuous Ten Studio Tool

The utility itself consists of two main components: The Smali Editor and M10 Editor. Smali is basically a giant wall of text that makes syntax highlighting absolutely necessary. While the M10 Editor is basically a M10Tools with advanced features and usage which is perfect for you who are already familiar with Sense 3.0+ ROMs.

In a whole piece of software, Virtuous Ten Studio is the next level of editing and theming M10 files with a whole new levels ahead.

Currently it is still in development progress but its developers are looking for any interested beta testers. Curious? For more information about its download link and how to apply for beta testers can be found here.


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