Droid RAZR’s Best Settings To Keep Battery Life for 12 Hours

droid razr hardware parts

Best Settings To Prolong Droid RAZR Battery Life for 12 Hours – One thing be a problem for almost all nowadays’ smartphone is the battery life that last quickly. Especially when 3G and GPS / location services are turned ON. For Motorola Droid RAZR, there is a nice easy trick to help your keep your battery life for at least 12 hours (theoretically).

A member of XDA namely royalbloodvi has shared a nice easy trick without even need to root your phone.

What’s the secret behind his trick? It is achievable through a mixture of the apps “Juicedefender beta” and Smart Actions floowed by freezing the unnecessary bloatware that doesn’t really need to be running in the background.

droid razr hardware parts

Curious? Here’s the settings if you want to repeat what he has achieved:

- Turn 2G & Data connnection off when screen off
– For e-mails, let autosync check every x minutes you would like
– 3G when specific apps need data connection on
– for internet radios enable the screen on/off profile
– In-built setcpu function, set min/max to 300mhz on idle
– Enable juicedefender to automatically handle 2g/3g networks
– SMARTACTIONS: Display ON & OFF profile -> Disable background sync
– Juicedefender in-built autobrightness, and tweak the settings below stock brightness
– Enable juicedefender to manage wifi

Please have a time to visit its official thread at XDA here.


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