System Dump of Droid RAZR Has Been Leaked Out For Download

Motorola RAZR Rooted

Download Motorola Droid RAZR System Dump File (.zip)Droid RAZR Android has been available in some part of the world and will hit US stores soon at November 11th. But few days ago it’s rooted successfully using Motorola OneClickRoot Tool. Recently, its system dump file has been leaked for public download.

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Motorola RAZR

What is the use of this Dump File? Dump File is a file extracted from the system of a device (in this case is Droid RAZR) contains all its uniqueness like themes, widgets, functionality, animations, boot animation, ringtones, wallpapers, and many other awesomeness.

I think it will not so useful for a end-user like me but when this system dump file is in the hands of Android hackers and developers, they may then come up with many interesting stuff like apps, launcher and so forth to apply part of Droid RAZR awesomeness on other Android smartphones.

So, if you are one of those who need this file, here’s the download link leaked out by TheAndroidSource.

Download Link

File Name :
File Size : 135MB

Download Droid RAZR System Dump File


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