Will Ubuntu 14.04 Be The New Upcoming Mobile OS?

Ubuntu 11.10 will be for mobile OS

Ubuntu 14.04 Mobile OS will fight against iOS, Android, WP7 – Wow wow wow,.. this such a must-heard news for every tech and gadget lovers. Ubuntu is planned to be ported officially -within its next versions- for mobile devices including smartphones and Tablet PC. Many still wondering whether Ubuntu OS will be survive in mobile OS wars while WebOS gave up? We knew that currently the battle is still hot between iOS 5 vs Android 4.0 ICS vs WP7 Mango (7.5).

Confirmed by Mark Shuttleworth as posted on ZDnet:

The smartest OEM strategy is to play people off against each other. Thus, some OEMs want to have Ubuntu as a disruptive element. A strong Ubuntu can be both more co-operative with OEMs than a larger company and give them leverage with Google and Microsoft.

Ubuntu 11.10 will be for mobile OS

The next version scheduled for mobile version is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (current desktop version is Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot). Mark stated that this achievement is targeted to be done by Spring 2013.

Talking about Ubuntu running on mobile device, we’ve seen Ubuntu being ported unofficially before and showing to run on Asus Transformer and Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1. Personally I can’t wait on how awesome is Ubuntu OS to run on a smartphone like Samsung Galaxy SII, Galaxy Nexus, or any WP7-based phones.

So will Ubuntu be the new comer in mobile OS industry? Personally saying, SURELY. Just wait.. Do not forget to like us on Facebook or subscribe to our feed for quick future updates.


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