DFU Mode of an iPhone 4S [Daily Tip]

iPhone 4S DFU Mode

Putting iPhone 4S in DFU Mode – Just another daily tip to make use of your iPhone 4S optimally. The “DFU Mode”, two words we’ve heard each time we talked about how to jailbreak. But how does we put iPhone 4S in DFU mode? Read on.

iPhone 4S DFU Mode

Steps to Put iPhone 4S In DFU Mode

Step 1. Power OFF your iPhone 4S (I’m sure you already knew it)

Step 2. Now connect your iPhone 4S to computer using its USB cable.

Step 3. Press and hold the Sleep / Wake key (aka Power button) for exactly 3 seconds.

Step 4. Now without releasing the Sleep/Wake button, also hold the Home button down for about 10 seconds.

Step 5. Finally release the Sleep/Wake button but keep holding Home button until iTunes/RedSn0w/SnowBreeze prompts you that iPhone 4S is now in DFU state.

How to know exactly that your iPhone 4S is already in DFU Mode? One thing for sure, when its in DFU mode, your iPhone 4S screen will display nothing but blank screen. So if you see anything whether it is a text, icon, or apple logo, then you are not in DFU mode.


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