ADATA To Launch N005 Pro, S102 Pro and C103 USB 3.0 Flash Drives


ADATA Has Launched Their Three New USB 3.0 Flash Drives – Some people may be unfamiliar with USB 3.0 and stand with USB 2.0. In fact, USB 3.0 has faster performance than USB 2.0. To make you familiar, ADATA has just launched their three new USB 3.0 flash drives, known as the N005 Pro, Pro S102 and C103. Are you interested?

ADATA USB 3.0 N005 Pro

The first USB 3.0 flash drives called N005 Pro. It has 180MB/sec read speed and 90MB/sec write speed. With this faster speed, I think it is the best USB 3.0 flash drives from ADATA. The N005 Pro is available in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB storage capacities. The design of N005 Pro is quite slim for USB flash drives.

ADATA USB 3.0 S102 Pro

One level below The N005 Pro is the S102 Pro. It has 100MB/sec read speed and 50MB/sec write speed. The Availability of Pro S102 is 8GB, 16GB and 32GB storage capacities. 64GB storage capacity is not available for this S102 Pro unlike N005 Pro. The design of S102 Pro is larger than N005 Pro.

ADATA USB 3.0 C103

C103 is the entry-level of USB 3.0 from ADATA. Unlike the two flash drives above, it has lower speed but still faster than USB 2.0. It has 90MB/sec read speed and 10MB/sec write speed. Because of the lower speed, I think ADATA only produce C103 in 8GB and 16GB storage capacities. For the design, It has quite slim design and looks like Kingston USB 2.0 flash drives.





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