Root Android 2.3.4 on Motorola Droid 3, Cliq, and X2

Motorola One Click Root Tool

Download Motorola One-Click Root Tool for Android 2.3.4 – Just previously we’ve mentioned about Easy Root Script v5 to root Motorola Droid 3 as well as other Android 2.3.4 phones. Today, there is another tool and another way to root Droid 3 which also works on other Motorola phones running Android 2.3.4 including Droid 2, X2 and Cliq.

Motorola One Click Root Tool

Curious? So lets skip the bullshit thing and straight forward with the trick:

Root Droid 3 Android 2.3.4 on Windows

The steps is still similar with rooting Droid 3 using Easy Root Script v5 here. But use this Motorola One-Click Root tool (MotorolaOneClickRoot.exe).

Download Motorola One-click Root Tool (.zip)

Download Motorola Drivers 32-bit and 64-bit (needed):
[+] Download Motorola End User Driver 64-bit (Mediafire)
[+] Download Motorola End User Driver 32-bit (Mediafire)

Root Droid 3 Android 2.3.4 on Linux and Mac OS X

Step 1. Download Droid3_Easy_Root_v7d .zip then extract its content and you should get a file named “”.

Step 2. On your phone >> tap the Menu button >> Settings >> Applications >> Development and >> check the option for USB debugging.

Step 3. Plug in your phone to computer in “Charge Only” mode.

Step 4. On your computer run the file and simply follow on-screen instruction.

Download Droid3_Easy_Root_v7d .zip via Mediafire



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  1. Derek StickelOctober 14, 2011 at 7:08 pmReply

    I am interesting in rooting my phone but concerned that something may go wrong and ruin it. Also…will it wipe out everything that is on my phone now?

  2. BenzOctober 15, 2011 at 2:02 amReply

    doesnt work with Motorola Fire XT316

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