Replace Apt-get with Apt-fast for Faster Download Experience

apt-fast download

Install Packages on Ubuntu with Apt-fast – Normally, Ubuntu users will use “apt-get” command to install, download and update packages. But now the whole process can be done lot more faster and speedier using “apt-fast“.

apt-fast command ubuntu

Basically, all commands related to apt-fast is just exactly the same as apt-get but it works differently.

Apt-fast allows for up to 26x faster downloads because it opens multiple connections to the server or multiple servers to download from. Just like when you are downloading a torrent file or any file using download manager tool like DAP.

apt-fast download

Download and Install Apt-fast on Ubuntu

Step 1. login to Ubuntu via command line (Windows users use Putty)

Step 2. Go to /usr/bin/ directory

cd /usr/bin/

Step 3. Now download the .sh file of apt-fast


Step 4. extract it using unzip command:


Step 5. Rename it as following:

mv apt-fast

Step 6. Now chmod it:

chmod +x apt-fast

Step 7. You are done. Test it using following command:

apt-fast check

or just type :


and now you should see a bunch of options compatible wit apt-fast which are exactly the same as apt-get.

Usage of apt-fast is easy. Simply replace any command started with apt-get into apt-fast.


apt-get update –> apt-fast update

Now each time you download and install package using apt-fast, your download speed will increase 26x faster. Enjoy..

Apt-fast Download Link

Official download link of is at:


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