Download Official Gingerbread RUU Build for Droid Incredible

Leaked Download Android Gingerbread Official RUU Build for Droid Incredible – For Droid Incredible users, update your phone to Gingerbread now using this official update!!

This version of Gingerbread update is a leaked build with version number 4.06.605.2. Also this is a full RUU version which means in order to flash this on your phone, it requires you to full wipe and will also break your root.

But if succeed, you’ll have following key features:
– MMS Messages send correctly
– Send Vcard through SMS
– VZ Navigator now operates over Wi-Fi
– Successfully play audio files from a message
– Internet connections via Bluetooth now enabled
– Change songs in the Music widget by tapping the forward button
– Camera functions successfully without inserting SD card

How to Install Gingerbread Update to HTC Droid Incredible

1- Simply download the .zip file then rename it to

2- Now transfer it to your phone’s SD Card root.

3- Boot into the bootloader

4- Flash it just like usual

Download Link

File name :
File Size : 180.59 MB
Download via MultiUpload mirror links

Download Gingerbread Update for HTC Droid Incredible

Download Gingerbread Update for HTC Droid Incredible (Mirror Direct Link)

[via AP]


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