Windows Phone 7 DFT RSPL/HSPL Tool

WP7 DFT Tool for Custom ROM

Download DFT RSPL/HSPL Tool – What do you think if you can install and run third-party or custom WP7 ROM on your HTC Phone? I’m sure it will be so awesome. Mostly when we talked about custom ROM, we’ll mostly refer to Android in our minds. But now it is time for WP7 to get custom ROMs as well.

WP7 DFT Tool for Custom ROM

In a nutshell, we can define Custom ROM as a modified versions of the stock operating system. I’m sure Android users are so familiar with this term. Yet, with a help of an app named BootManager, Android users can also dual-boot their phones to run multiple ROMs.

Now Windows Phone 7 users also have a chance to run Custom ROM on their WP7 phone using this newly unveiled tool named “DFT RSPL/HSPL Tool“. Created by a group hacker called “DarkForcesTeam “. This tool is a DFT HSPL for HTC WP7 First Generation devices.

What is RSPL and HSPL

RSPL = Reloaded Secondary Program Loader
HSPL = Hard Secondary Program Loader
Uh, what is that exactly? Well, we don’t know exactly what is it but once again in a nutshell we can understand it as that there is a thing called Original Secondary Program Loader (OSPL) which comes with all WP7 devices. WP7 users cannot install custom ROMs on OSPL without risking the bricking device. With RSPL/HSPL, users can safely install custom ROMs without any common risks.

Which WP7 Phones We Can Install Custom ROMs?

Well, meanwhile this tool is intended only for 1st generation HTC WP7 phones including:
– Gold (HTC Pro 7,T7575)
– Mozart (HD3,T8697,T8698,T8699)
– Mondrian (Surround,T8788)
– Spark (Trophy,T8686)
– Schubert (HD7, T9292,T9295,T9296)

This tool can be run on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. For more info and support you can head directly to XDA thread here [link].

Download DFT_XSPL_WP7FG1.rar (3.58MB)


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