TinyUmbrella v5.00.02 with Support for iOS 5 and iPhone 4 CDMA Fix

TinyUmbrella v5.00.7

Download TinyUmbrella v5.00.02 for Windows and Mac OS X – One popular tool among jailbreakers is TinyUmbrella (Firmware Umbrella) created by NotCom. The first tool I know ever made to save and make backup of iOS SHSH Blobs easily. However one most favorite thing I love about TinyUmbrella is that a user can save iOS SHSH Blobs without even jailbreaking their iDevice, unlike Cydia which also automatically saves a users SHSH blob onto their TSS server -obviously requires jailreaking-.

TinyUmbrella v5

TinyUmbrella v5.00.02 has been live to save SHSH Blobs even on iDevices iOS 5 beta 1 and iOS beta 2, yet it now also has full support to 5.0b2 SHSH file of iOS5 b2 on iPhone 4 CDMA.

If any of you are having any issues saving SHSH, simply head to [Advanced] >> Uncheck “Request SHSH from Cydia” >> [Apply Changes] >> then click [Save SHSH].

Download TinyUmbrella v5.1.xx

Official page is here while the shortcut to its direct links is below:

Downloads TinyUmbrella-5.00.02.pkg (for Mac)

Downloads TinyUmbrella-5.00.02.exe (for Windows)


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