SM32Xtest Tool to Format and Use Mac Book Air USB Restore Key as UFD

Mac Book Air Restore USB Stick

Download SM32Xtest Tool – A nice utility has been created to format USB Restore Key of Snow Leopard Mac Book Air into a normal standard UFD (Universal Flash Disc). Yup, remembering that Apple has seeded Mac OS X 10.7 Lion which has been leaked and I believe it will soon be officially released, a restore key running Snow Leopard isn’t so useful. So instead of throwing it unused, you’d better to format it and use it as a normal USB Flashdisc drive to store any data, pics, videos and documents.

Mac Book Air Restore USB Stick

By default, Apple locked that restore key stored in a USB Drive obviously for strong reason and they don’t want you to hack with that stuff as this is your only method to restore your MacBook Air. But however, the decision is up to users isn’t it?

Luckily there is a nice tool named SM32Xtest (it is a Windows utility) allows you to format that thumb drive and unlock the Restore Key inside so you can use it to store / save other data there.

How to Format USb Restore Key of Macbook Air

Note: You can borrow your friend’s laptop runs Windows or simply install Windows virtually on VMware to run this tool. Next, simply follow the guide shown in this video:

Next, you could also use your newly formatted Mac Book Air USB Stick to build Hackintosh PC Mac OS X 10.6.8, or use it to store your data.

Download SM32Xtest

Download Tools to unlock MBA (2.46MB)


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