Backup SMS Messages with PkgBackup

PkgBackup App - How to

Using PkgBackup to Backup and Restore iPhone SMS – PkgBackup is one of famous Cydia apps, which this app will allow you to backup apps on your iPhone for further restore. But do you know that you can also make use of PkgBackup to backup SMS text messages.

PkgBackup App - How to

So if you have it installed on your jailbroken iPhone, so here it is a nice step-by-step guide with video, on how to use PkgBackup to backup text messages:

1- Restore to iTunes backup
2- Jailbreak your device
3- Restore PKGBackup Settings
4- Restore PKGBackup SMS info

That is it. Easy huh? Just four steps but if you want clearer look, so watch this video:

[via iDB]


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  1. piggcessJuly 6, 2011 at 2:30 pmReply

    can i check with you, the PKGbackup can only be used when the phone is jailbroken right?

    what if i restore my phone back to original settings (no longer jailbroken), and all my backed up sms are in the PKGbackup, then do i have to jail break my phone to download PKGbackup again?

    so if i continue to jailbreak and download the PKGbackup again, will my sms be still backed up in the database even if the app is being removed from my phone due to restore back to original settings?

    thank you so much.

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