How to Format HDD to Protogon File System on Windows 8

Windows 8 Protogon Format

How to Format Protogon File System on Windows 8 – Microsoft has not yet released Windows 8 officially but its leaked version has been available for download as a M1, M2, M3 and along with its KMS Activator tool. One thing is interesting about Windows 8 that a new file system format will be introduced codenamed Protogon.

Windows 8 Protogon Format

What is Protogon File System?
So far no civilian can describes what the Windows 8 Protogon is. But Protogon can be resurrection of WinFS (Windows Future Storage), a data storage subsystem that originally been planned to include with Windows Vista but finally been scrapped, with some components utilized by ADO.NET and Microsoft SQL Server instead.

How to Format Protogon File System?

1- Open Command Prompt window (or Press Ctrl + Shift + F10).
2- Type following command then hit Enter key

format X: /FS:protogon /Q

Replace X with the actual drive letter for the drive, partition or volume which you want to format with Protogon file system.

3- A warning message will be displayed:
“Please be advised that the underlying format may be incompatible with near-future versions”
You can simply ignore that message but just keep in mind that Protogon file system is ready for prime time yet.
[via MDL]


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