Download VHD Version of Windows 7, XP and Vista

Windows 7 VHD for VMWare

Download Windows 7, XP and Vista with VMC Configuration (Ready for Virtual Machine) – Curious on how easy it should be to install Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP on a virtual machine? All the Windows installation on VM will be so easy using Windows 7/XP/Vista VHD package bundled with VMC (Virtual Machine Configuration) which makes the installer ready-to-use on a Virtual computer environment.

Interestingly, the VHD files are made officially available by Microsoft so interested users can simply download the file directly from Microsoft’s servers. But each VHD file is split into several parts. So you have to download all of them to be able to install it.

Windows 7 VHD for VMWare

The files are downloadable freely but must keep in mind that specially for Windows Vista and Windows 7 need valid genuine key to pass genuine validation. But I’m sure you can simply googling for that. However, a username and password are required to login to the virtual machine you created. But luckily this validation key for Windows 7 has also been leaked:
Username : Simply follow what written on the screen during loging
Password : Password1

  • Windows 7 with IE8: Windows_7_IE8.part01.exe + Windows_7_IE8.part02.rar + Windows_7_IE8.part03.rar + Windows_7_IE8.part04.rar
  • Windows 7 with IE9 + Tools (ACT Toolkit 5.6, IECTT, and Expression Super Preview): Windows_7_IE9.part01.exe + Windows_7_IE9.part02.rar + Windows_7_IE9.part03.rar + Windows_7_IE9.part04.rar + Windows_7_IE9.part05.rar + Windows_7_IE9.part06.rar + Windows_7_IE9.part07.rar
  • Windows Vista with IE7: Windows_Vista_IE7.part01.exe + Windows_Vista_IE7.part02.rar + Windows_Vista_IE7.part03.rar + Windows_Vista_IE7.part04.rar + Windows_Vista_IE7.part05.rar + Windows_Vista_IE7.part06.rar
  • Windows XP with IE6: Windows_XP_IE6.exe
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