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Activate Windows 8 7850 M1 Final Enterprise Edition – So finally, the new generation of Windows has been unveiled and leaked for public download via torrent network. But unfortunately this leaked edition of Windows8 has expiration date of 5th February 2011. Luckily, you can still activate Windows 8 and use it as genuine-like by applying a crack tool named: Windows 8 build 7850 KMS Activator and Timebomb Remover (currently version 0.9.3)

This Windows 8 crack tool has been created by janek2012 and so far is the easiest way to activate Windows 8 build 7850 Enterprise Edition.

How to Activate Windows 8 Enterprise Edition (7850)
1- Boot into Safe Mode (press F8 function key during initial boot).
2- Run Windows 8 7850 Activator and click Remove Timebomb.
3- Restart computer for normal booting.
4- Run Windows 8 7850 Activator again and click Activate.
5- Restart computer again.
6- Windows 8 Enterprise M1 is now activated via KMS with activation valid for 6 months (KMS requires re-activation every 180 days).
[via MDL]

Download Link
File name: w8b7850av0.9.3.rar (1.11 MB)
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    is gut program

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      gut gut gut:DDDD

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    gud… But if we connect to the internet will it work????

  3. RajaNovember 24, 2012 at 10:59 amReply

    heres the windows 8 activator i have it go & check no surways :P

  4. muadhinJanuary 11, 2013 at 8:28 pmReply

    help me I want to activate now

  5. JeanneJune 16, 2013 at 3:38 amReply

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