Download AutoCAD WS Chrome App

Autocad WS Chrome

AutoDesk AutoCAD App for Google Chrome – Are you an architect or designer who use AutoCad software in daily basis? Then lucky you, the AutoDesk AutoCAD is now available as Chrome App for Free. This is a light-weight version of AutoCAD which can be installed and run via Google Chrome Web Browser. With AutoCAD WS Chrome App you can view, edit and share DWG files through web browser.

Autocad WS Chrome

It means, you can now edit .DWG files anywhere mobily as long as you have access to a computer or laptop with Chrome browser installed. Simply download and install AutoCAD WS from Chrome Web Store freely. Once installed, you can do almost everything necessary with AutoCAD software.

Key Feature of AutoCAD WS Chrome App

- Upload Files
access drawings from anywhere around the world.
- Edit Drawings
edit DWG files in web browser using more than 100 familiar AutoCAD commands and shortcuts.
- Online Share
set permissions for enable others to view, edit or download drawings.
- Go Mobile
sync online files, view and edit with iPad or iPhone for a mobile CAD experience.
- Google Maps
integrate Google Maps into drawing to see designs in a real-world setting.
- Real-Time Collaboration
work with other users to edit the same drawing at the same time.
[Download AutoCAD FREE] – via Chrome Web Store


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