TinyUmbrella Version 7.00.00 Is Out for iOS7


NotCom has rolled out newer version of world’s most popular SHSH Blobs saver tool TinyUmbrella. It is now version 7.00.00 included support for iOS 7 and iOS 7.0.1. If you have an A5 device and above running iOS 7 you might as well save your SHSH blobs just to be safe. This new version works on Apple’s newest devices, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c as well. By saving your SHSH blobs allows you to re-restore to the same firmware version you are currently running, when Apple stops signing it.

So here it is direct download link you can simply click it to download the app to your computer:

Download TinyUmbrella v7.00.00 (Mac OS X)
Download TinyUmbrella v7.00.00 (Windows)


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