Speed Up Boot Time by Disabling Media Scanner

android boot screen

Speed Up Android Phone Boot Time Trick – Every computer and recent smartphones will need a few seconds even minutes to boot and start the system up. For Android phone users can also follow this trick to disable Media Scanner and adjust Android booting time speed. This simple Android hack is accomplished using a free Android app namely Rescan Media Root to disable Media Scanner in a single-click.

android boot screen

And here it is how it goes..

How to Disable Media Scanner on Android OS

1. On your Android Phone:
Go to Applications >> Settings >> Applications >> Development >> check mark the box followed by USB debugging

2. Search for Rescan Media Root app in Android Market.
Alternatively use this QR Code

scan qr code

3. Once downloaded, now run Rescan Media Root app and select the option Superuser rights

4. Finally, click on [Disable Media Scanner] button


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