Facing Error Code 0x80073cf9 In Windows 8? Here’s How To Fix It

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How To Fix Windows 8 Error Code 0x80073cf9 – There is no operating system that is so perfect with no bugs, errors or problems at all. There is always a bug. If your computer or laptop is running Microsoft’s latest OS Windows 8, then you should also feel some problems and errors. Don’t worry that’s normal anyway. There are various errors you may be faced with and usually it returns with suggestions about how to fix it and if not, at least it displays error code which then you can use that code as reference in looking for its workaround either in Microsoft’s official troubleshooting page or search engine.

In this page, we’ll show you few workarounds hopefully can solve error code 0x80073cf9 happens in Windows 8. This kind of error may happen when a user is trying to install free or paid apps from Windows Store. Instead of being successful, the install procedure ends up with an error message and two options: to try again or to cancel the install.

Quite daunting huh?

windows 8 error code

Something happened and this app couldn’t be installed. Please try again. Error code: 0x80073cf9

Possible Solutions

1. Restart Your PC

Do a a full restart, and not a power down and power up which does not really change anything in regards to the situation. Once your computer is really booting up and ready to use, login to Windows 8 again then go back to Windows Store afterwards and clicked on the Try again button. This should solve your problem and you’ll be able to install the app you wish. If not, try another solution as below..

2. Sync The App License, again?

Follow these steps to sync app license on Windows 8:
1- Press the Windows key to go to the start screen.
2- Tap or click on Store to open Windows Store.
3- Press Windows-i to bring up the settings.
4- Select App updates from the options.
5- Click on sync licenses here.

3. Reinstall The App

1- Press the Windows key to open the Windows 8 start screen.
2- Locate the application here.
3- Right-click it and select uninstall from the options.
4- Click on Store on the start screen.
5- Enter the name of the application .
6- Select it from the search results.
7- Click on the install button.

4. Use Modern UI Apps Troubleshooter Tool

1- Download Apps Troubleshooter tool here.
2- Once done, launch the tool up.
3- On the first screen, select Advanced
4- Then uncheck Apply repairs automatically on the next page.
5- Click next and follow on-screen instructions.
6- The tool will then check the system for app related problems.

Sit tight and wait for the troubleshooter to fix common issues that may cause the error message. Still not getting any luck?

5. Use The AUInstallAgent folder

1- Open Windows Explorer / My Computer window
2- Now go to C:\Windows
(assuming that this is the directory where you installed the operating system in)
3- Check if the AUInstallAgent folder is present in the directory.
4- If it is not, create it.
To create new folder, simply right-click and select New >> Folder.
5- Once done, reboot your PC afterwards.

6. Disable Antivirus App (Temporarily)

If you have third-party antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-malware or Internet Security app installed, try disable the protection temporarily then try installing the app you wish once again from Windows Store.

7. Use System Restore

If you feel the installation ever worked before, then you can try to use Windows System Restore to go back to the previous system state.

8. Reset Your PC

Final solution, if one of above workarounds still can not fix the problem, try to reset your PC. Read our previous guide about How To Reset and Restore Windows 8 Back To Factory Settings.

So, found one that really helps you? Share your experience with us and other readers.


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