How To Check and Remove Apps From Windows 8 Startup

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How To Stop Programs / Apps From Running Automatically On Windows 8 – The most common thing happens when a Newbie users of Windows 8 install new app is the app adds new entry in Windows 8 startup list without users’ knowledge. During the time’s going and the number of apps added in startup list is increasing, it will become lot more slower for Windows to completely boot. Yet, sometimes it may also become unresponsive. I’m sure you may also experience similar condition not just while using Windows 8, but also since Windows XP and 7.

A program will add itself to Windows 8 startup list when it feels required to do so. Every time your computer starts, that program will also start (e.g: Antivirus, web server, etc). But with the increasing number of programs in the list, you may feel need to check, review and choose which program should be run automatically and which one that shouldn’t be.

Below guide is the step-by-step tutorial about how to remove apps from Windows 8 startup to prevent that app from running automatically.

How To Delete Apps from Windows 8 Startup

Step 1.
Start your computer / laptop then login to Windows 8

Step 2.
Once you logged in, right-click in the Task bar.

Step 3.
You’ll now see few options displayed. Click on the “Task Manager” option.

Step 4.
It will then bring Task Manager window up. Next, click on the “Start-up” tab

Step 5.
Now look for the app you wish to disable from starting up automatically.

Step 6.
Right-click on that app, then choose “Disable”

Step 7.
That’s it. Now you can see the result by restarting your computer.


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