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Where Can I Download AppSync Tweak For iOS 6.0 and 6.1 to Install Cracked Apps? – Hackulous has just shut down Installous including its essential element, AppSync. Normally user can simply add Hackulous repo to download Installous with AppSync tweak included. But now, how can and where can we download AppSync for iOS 6+? Good question. There are other repositories where you can still download AppSync but unfortunately most of them are still AppSync for iOS 3+, iOS 4+, and iOS 5+ which if you try them, you may be out of luck and end up with syncing error. Last time I tried I was using AppSync for iOS 5+ and ended up with few apps were not getting synced on my iPhone, even the original apps downloaded from App Store (like Yahoo! Messenger, and few other free apps).

About AppSync

AppSync is a popular jailbreak tweak available for download via Cydia. Obviously your iDevice should be already jailbroken in order to have Cydia app installed. AppSync allows users to sync and install cracked AppStore applications to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. AppSync works by patching the MobileInstallation file on the iOS firmware which is needed to install .ipa files (iPhone apps) without going through iTunes. The best part, iTunes will also not delete those “third party” side-loaded apps so you can still sync your iDevice with iTunes normally as you do usually. Shortly, AppSync tweak allows users to not only install cracked apps on their iDevice but also to sync them to and from iTunes. This tweak is no longer officially developed. Its last version is the one made for iOS 5+. So where can we get AppSync for iOS 6? Read the steps below..

Install AppSync for iOS 6+

Step 1.
Jailbreak your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 6.0, 6.0.1 or iOS 6.1. Obviously you can use Evasi0n for that task. Once jailbroken, you’ll see Cydia icon on your springboard.

How to use Evasi0n to Jailbreak iOS 6.1 on Any iDevices

Step 2.
Now launch Cydia app up and enter this repo url below..:

How to add new repo sources in Cydia
– Also read: Top must have repo sources for iOS 6.1

Step 3.
Now wait for Cydia to update its database with new repo you’ve added.

Step 4.
Once done, tap on the “Search” icon in the bottom right-side corner of Cydia.

Step 5.
Type and search for “AppSync”. Then look for and tap on “AppSync for iOS 6″

search appsync

Step 6.
Finally hit “Install” and wait for it to be finished installing.

appsync for iOS 6

Step 7.
Once done, respring your iDevice.

That is it. Once done, AppSync should already be installed on your device so you now can install and sync any iOS app with .ipa extension either via iTunes, iFunBox or from services like AppCake. Don’t forget to check our post about Installous alternatives here.

With AppSync installed you may be able to install cracked iPhone apps .ipa file easily. But we, here at PressByte do not encourage you to use cracked apps. So use with your own risks. Always purchase original apps and games from iTunes App Store to support its developers.


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