Quick Tip: Manually Update iPhone to iOS 6.1 Using IPSW via iTunes

locate ipsw

How to update iPhone to iOS 6.1 via iTunes using Downloaded IPSW file – One of few requirements to jailbreak your iPhone untethered with Evasi0n is your iPhone (or iPod and iPad) should be updated not via OTA (over the air) mechanism. Its firmware should be manually updated manually using downloaded IPSW file restored via iTunes. That task is basically a very basic skill an iOS user should know. But however considering there are many iPhone users out there who are also new in the jailbreak world, so here it is we post the guide again.


- An iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
– iOS 6.1 IPSW File (Download .ipsw here)
– Latest version of iTunes (direct download link here)
– Apple’s standard USB cable
– A computer running Mac or Windows
– A working Internet connection

How To Upgrade iOS Firmware

Step 1.
Launch iTunes up in your computer.

Step 2.
Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to that computer. iTunes should detect your iDevice.

Step 3.
Once detected that your iDevice is running older version of firmware, iTunes will popup a message saying: A new iPhone software version is available…. and so on.

In that case simply click “Cancel” button.

click cancel

Step 4.
Then click on your device name in the right sidebar panel.

device name

Step 6.
You may also need to “Transfer Purchases” first.

transfer purchases

Step 6.
Backup your iDevice first (Important!!). To do that you can either do that by right-clicking your device name or click the Summary tab then click the “Backup Now” button.

How to backup #1:
backup now

How to backup #2:
backup now

Wait for the backup process to complete..
backup process

Step 7.
Once done backing up, so here it is the key point of this guide. Hold down the “Shift” key on your keyboard then click the “Restore” button. In this case I click the “Restore iPhone” button.

restore iphone

Step 8.
Now locate where you downloaded / put the iOS 6.1 ipsw file in your computer.

locate ipsw

Step 9.
Now simply sit tight and wait for iTunes to update your iPhone’s firmware to iOS 6.1. This process will take some times.

restore process 1

At this point your iPhone will enter Recovery Mode.

recovery mode

Just sit tight and wait..

verifying update

Step 10.
That’s it. Once done your iPhone should automatically reboot and voilaa.. It is now running iOS 6.1.

What’s next?

- Jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Use EVasi0n tool to jailbreak any iDevice running from iOS 6.0 through iOS 5.1
Save iOS 6.1 SHSH Blobs
This step is necessary to have a backup of your device’s blobs while Apple is still signing it. At some points you wish to downgrade back, you gonna need that saved blobs.
Add additional repositories in Cydia
This will allow you to download awesome jailbreak apps and tweaks.


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