How To Download APK File Of Android App You Like From Play Store


This tutorial will guide you how to download .apk files of Android apps and game you want directly from Google Play Store to your PC. There are many tutorials available out there telling you how to grab Android apps APK file you want but not all of them are updated. Some of them even not just doesn’t work anymore. The way and method you can do this has been shared more than one year ago but then Google itself has changed the name (rebranded) from Android Market to Play Store on 6 March 2012. But today, we gonna show you another working method allowing you to fetch and grab APK files directly from Google’s server.

What is APK File?

Android application package file (APK) is the file format used to distribute and install application software and middleware onto Google’s Android operating system.

Why Downloading APK?
By having apk file of your favorite Android apps and games you can have a backup file just in case if you want to restore it later. We’ve show you how to create backup which also allows you to do that. But this guide is really focusing on APK files only. That’s not all. By saving .apk file in your local computer, you can redistribute (if you have right to do so), reinstall, install it on another Android device as well as for your own personal collection.

The most important and useful thing about having APK file stored locally is that you don’t have to re-download the app again each time you wish to install it (just in case if your phone reset, bricked, wiped, etc). This method can also help you grab any app that you are otherwise having problems installing to your device due to regional restrictions. By downloading APK file of apps you want, you can manually sideload them to your device.

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- Make sure you have a Windows-based computer / laptop
– You must have an Android device
– You must have a Google Play account
– Download Real APK Leecher tool below..

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How To Leech APK File From Play Store

Step 1.
On your device, open phone dialing pad then type following code:


That code will show you your device ID (as aid) in GTalk Service Monitor. Alternatively you can simply Redphx DeviceID app from Play Store here. Shortly all you have to do is finding out your Device ID. This is necessary.

device id

Step 2.
Once you’ve downloaded Real APK Leecher tool to your PC, unzip / extract it using either Winzip, WinRAR, 7Zip, etc. You’ll get new folder called “Real APK Leecher”. Open that folder and you will find several files there. This app requires no installation so you can simply run it. This tool is a Java app and works on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Step 3.
Now launch this tool up. Simply double-click on “Real APK Leecher.exe” file.

Step 4.
First time running it you’ll see “Option” window which you can enter some details there including your email, password and device ID registered to Google Play Store.

real apk leecher option

Step 5.
Once done hit that “Save” button.

Step 6.
Then you will be then be taken to Real APK Leecher’s main screen. However if you want to make any changes to the previously defined settings, simply open the “Edit” menu and click “Options”.

Step 7.
Now it is time to leech and download some apps. Type the app’s name in the search field at the top right and then press Enter button on your keyboard.

search app

Apps can be searched by vendor name, package name or both (custom)

Step 8.
To download an app, simply right-click on its name in the search results, and select “Download this app” option.

download app

Please note; paid apps can only be downloaded if you have already purchased them from Google Play under the same account Google account you are using with the application.

Step 9.
That is it. You’ll see another small window appear showing you with download progress. Changed your mind? Simply click the “Cancel” button in that small window.

Step 10.
You can see the downloaded APKs in the folder you defined in the step 4.

Enjoy leeching some APKs…


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