Flashing CWM Recovery On LG Optimus G (AT&T – E970)

cwm optimus g

This article will show you how to flash touchscreen-based ClockWorkMod Recovery on LG Optimus G (AT&T – E970). So finally you’ve rooted that LTE-enabled, Android 4.0 handset either using this method or this one. So the next big think to do is to flash custom-baked ROM / firmware on your phone to feel distinctive experience in using Android. But however, before you do that, there is another phase you need proceed; Installing custom recovery which in this page we’ll see how to install ClockWorkMod Recovery aka CWM on your phone.

The version we will proceed to install is the ClockworkMod v6.0.2.7 with Touch v14.4.6. Using this version you don’t need to press combination buttons: Volume Up and Volume Down to navigate through its menu. Instead, you can swipe your finger up and down on the screen to navigate.

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- Make sure your phone has at least 55% battery power left
– You may also create backup just in case thing goes wrong [How To]
– Make sure your phone is already rooted [How to]
– Download Fastboot file here then unzip it.
– Download ClockWorkMod Recovery image file (link is below, do not unzip)

Download Link is Here Locked.
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The Steps How To Install CWM

Step 1.
Plug in your phone to PC using its USB cable of course.

Step 2.
Copy the CWM Recovery .zip file you’ve downloaded to the root of your phone’s SD Card.

Step 3.
Now you can unplug / disconnect your phone from PC

Step 4.
Now enable USB Debugging on your phone by going to:

Menu >> Settings >> Developer options >> USB debugging

Step 5.
Then connect your phone again to PC using its USB cable

Step 6.
On your computer, open the folder where you’ve extracted Fastboot file there.

Step 7.
On that folder / directory, hold down the Shift button on your keyboard and right-click on any empty area then click “Open command window here” option.

Step 8.
The Command Prompt window should appear exactly with the location of where the Fastboot file is. Then type this command followed by hitting Enter;

adb reboot recovery

Step 9.
That command will reboot your phone to Recovery mode (still the stock recovery).

Step 10.
Once inside the Recovery, select “apply update from external storage”.

Step 11.
Select the recovery .zip file you copied earlier.

Step 12.
Sit tight and wait till it has been flashed / installed

Step 13.
Once done, go back to Recovery Menu then select “Reboot System Now”

That is it. Once it reboots, the stock recovery should already been replaced with CWM. Got more questions and need more queries? This tread may be the best place for you to find it. Have fun..


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