Fix Missing Control Panel in Windows 8 Start Screen


Looking for the missing control panel icon / tile on the start screen of your Windows 8? In this guide you’ll see how exactly to reveal the missing icons and restore them back to Start Screen. This common issue usually happens when a user performed certain changes utilizing third-party apps. Yet, somehow when a users installed uncertain third-party apps with unknown compatibility. Sometimes it is not just the Control Panel tile but also Windows Store, and Remote Desktop tiles. Unfortunately, even you search for the missing items in the start screen search you are unable to locate them. Ever experienced such kind of situation? Don’t get panic, here it is a simple fix how to restore the missing tiles back to Start Screen. Read on..

Quick fix:
Need to have this issue solved quickly? The possible solution you can perform is to reset or restore back Windows 8 installation to factory setting. Alternatively, there is another geeky method you can follow easily to fix the issue.

How To Fix It

Step 1.
First of all, launch Command Prompt window up. To do that you can type cmd in metro Start screen or open search box in the charms bar or press Ctrl+ Shift + Enter keys with admin rights.

Step 2.
Then type this command followed by hitting Enter


Step 3.
Sit tight and wait till the process finished.

Step 4.
Upon completion of the process, you will see a prompt:

Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them…

Step 5.
Once done, you can close that Command Prompt window

Step 6.
Finally simply restart / reboot your Windows 8 computer.

Step 7.
Once you are logged in Windows 8, type the name of the missing app in the search field of Start Screen. For instance here is “Control Panel”.

Step 8.
Now you can see the searched app or the missing Apps in the search result

Step 9.
Then right-click on the App, click Pin button to pin the app tile to Start screen.

Step 10.
You can then shift the tile from extreme right of the list to the left and bring back to its original place.

That is it. Sounds extremely difficult? We don’t think so as you read and followed the steps correctly it’s all practically super easy. Have fun!!


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