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the new mega company

This tutorial explains (with pics) how to use the new Mega to upload, share and download files – Kim Dotcom has just announced, released, and launched the new Megaupload known as which is totally the whole the Mega offering massive 50GB free cloud storage service for public. Yet, it also offers new advanced secure privacy technology. In this page, we won’t talk about why and how the Mega company was shutdown and the raid of Kim Dotcom as the founder and owners. Although, we’ll see how awesome is the new Mega serving its users with always-on privacy of its 50GB free cloud storage which is also acts as free file hosting, uploading and sharing service.

The service has been getting millions users registered already since its first-day release. We also tried to open the website in the first day but it was unreachable. Luckily today we get the appearance of the site and its really-cool user interface (UI) which is mostly based on HTML5 and CSS3 technology. However, the site displays a notification urging its users to use Google Chrome instead of Firefox, Opera or even the latest IE. Though Firefox current version scores less points than Chrome in HTML5 testing that does not mean that user should switch to Chrome to use the service.

The Cloud Storage Service

We are a dedicated group of technologists who were given the time, opportunity and Internet access to build an awesome cloud storage service that will help protect your privacy

The company says this new Mega is really faster, bigger, and more secure cloud storage service but for now you can use it as an alternative to Dropbox or SkyDrive which offer smaller cloud storage as is not providing file-syncing service. There is also no desktop program or mobile app, which means that all the uploading and downloading happens in the browser (for now). For your information, here’s available plans to use the service:

1. Free registered users
get 50 Gigabyte of free storage that they can use to upload data to. Unfortunately there is no clear information about how much bandwidth the service offers for free users. It is highly likely that they are and that it is well below the 1 Terabyte mark of the Pro 1 account.

2. Pro I account
costs $9.99 per month and provides users with access to 500 Gigabyte of storage and 1 Terabyte of traffic

3. Pro II account
costs $19.99 per month and provides users with access to 2000 Gigabyte of storage and 4 Terabyte of traffic

4. Pro III account
costs $29.99 per month and provides users with access to 4000 Gigabyte of storage and 8 Terabyte of traffic

the new mega company

How to Upload Files

There are two ways you can upload files to

First: Without Registration
Step 1.

Step 2.
Click on the big red “MEGA” button and once your cursor is hovering on it, the button text turns to “Select Files To Upload or Use Drag & Drop”

the new mega

Step 3.
Now simply click that button and browse / locate the files you wish to upload.

locate files

Alternatively, you can launch Windows Explorer or My Computer window up, locate the files, then drag-n-drop it to the site.

drag n drop

Step 4.
Next, a notification will appear asking you to accept the Terms of Service (ToS). You may read it then click on “I Accept” button.

terms of service

Step 5.
Once you click “I Accept”, the website will display the file manager window along with upload progress in the bottom. Once done, uploading, the file should appear in File Manager.

file manager

2nd Method: With Registration
Step 1.
Obviously you have to register at first. Visit and click on the “Register” button.

register button

Step 2.
Now enter your Name, Email and Password. Your email will be your username used for logging in.


Step 3.
Do not forget to tick-mark the “I agree with the MEGA Terms of Service”

Step 4.
Then click the red “Register” button

Step 5.
Login to your mailbox / check your email then click on the confirmation link sent.

mega email

Step 6.
Once confirmed, you can now login to the new Mega using your email and password you specified during registration.

mega login

Step 7.
During your first time login, the site will create / generate security keys. Don’t worry as that is automatic, simply wait till it finish.

Step 8.
Once done, you’ll see the main File Manager area. You can start uploading, sharing, managing and organizing your files. To upload files, simply hit the “New Upload” button then locate your files. The rest is just similar with the first method.

new upload

How To Share A File

You can share one or all of your files with not only your friends or family but also all Internet users in the world (public file sharing). Instead of using password (like MediaFire), uses specific automatically generated “File Key” to protect a file. So you can use that to share the file with very specific people like your friends and family.

First Method: Sharing A File For Public Download
Step 1.
In File Manager interface, right-click on the file you wish to share it. Several menus will appear: Download, Get Link, Rename, Move, Copy, Remove, and Reload. This will also answer your question “How to delete / remove file from”. But this time we will share a file so click the “Get Link” menu.

get link

Step 2.
As we will share the file for anyone, so simply copy the url / link given. Make sure the “File Key” is checked. Then click on the “Copy to Clipboard” button.

copy to clipboard

Step 3.
Now simply paste the link to forum, blog or website you wish to share the file.

2nd Method: Sharing A File For Private Download
This method we’ll share a file for specific persons only.

Step 1.
In File Manager interface, right-click on the file you wish to share it. Several menus will appear: Download, Get Link, Rename, Move, Copy, Remove, and Reload. Then click the “Get Link” menu.

get link

Step 2.
Next, remove the check mark (uncheck) in “File Key”

uncheck file key

Step 3.
Now copy the link to clipboard (you can also click the “Copy To Clipboard” button).

Step 4.
Now share the link (which is shorter) to the person you want (e.g: friends, family, members, etc)

Step 5.
But we have to also tell the “File Key” to that persons. To grab file key from, simply uncheck the “File Link” and check the “File Key”.

file key mega

Step 6.
Copy the file key to clipboard, paste / tell the key to the people you wish to be allowed to download the file. That’s all.

How To Download A File From with File Key

Step 1.
Copy the download link to web browser (Chrome is really recommended) the hit Enter. Use this for example!rBhRRQ4B

Step 2.
You’ll be asked to enter decryption key:

decryption key

Step 3.
Now enter the “File Key” given, then tick-mark the “I agree with the MEGA Terms of Service” followed by clicking the “Download” buton. In this case enter this key for instance..


Step 4.
That’s it and enjoy downloading.

What if I don’t know the file key? For that, you have to ask the uploader.

If you are given / see the download link is too long like:!rBhRRQ4B!ItLQp2t-L0f4QiullnMnaDV95IMlk96e4F2EMdhIsBw

It means you do not need the “File / Decryption Key” to download that file.

So what do you think about Kim’s new Mega site? Tell us your opinion below.


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