Fix And Reinstall Windows 8 USB Drivers Software

Fixing Corrupted USB Drivers On Windows 8 By Reinstalling It – In this simple tip you’ll learn how to reinstall USB Drivers software in Windows 8 just in case if it’s getting deleted by virus, corrupted, or may be disabled by mistake. All the steps is practically simple even a newbie and not-so-geeky person like me can do this without hesitating.

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Computers And USB

Have you ever seen a PC or laptop without USB ports nowadays? I’m sure whether it is a cheap netbook or a high-end performance laptop released nowadays are having USB ports, mostly USB 2.0 and few have USB 3.0 ports. Yet, almost any mobile devices from smartphones and tablet PCs are equipped with a USB cable to connect it to a computer. So can you imagine how the computer world without USB?

Considering how important and crucial a USB connection is, so this trick is really a “must-know” for every Windows 8 users including me and you. I’m sure somehow and sometimes we’ll need it.

– Proceed with caution
– We hold no responsibility for any problems on your system
– This may and may not fix your USB-related problems
– Make sure your computer is connected to Internet

How To Reinstall

Step 1.
Boot your computer and login to Windows 8

Step 2.
Press Win + Q on your keyboard, this will bring search option

Step 3.
Type “control panel” in the search field then press Enter, this will launch Control Panel window up.

windows 8 search

Step 4.
In the Control Panel window click “Hardware and Sound”

Step 5.
A new window will open, click on “Device Manager” option under “Devices and Printers” section.

Step 6.
Now find / locate “Universal Serial Bus controllers” then click on a small arrow next to it to expand additional options.

Step 7.
Then locate “USB root Hub”, right-click on it and choose “Update Software Driver” from context menu.

windows 8 update usb

Step 8.
Another new window will open, simply click on the “Search Automatically for updated driver software”

Step 9.
Sit tight and wait for your system to find appropriate Drivers software from Microsoft’s server.

Step 10.
Once it’s found, simply wait a little more minutes for your system to reinstall USB Drivers software.

That’s it. Once done, you better restart your computer to make sure the Drivers you’ve installed can be recognized and applied by your system. So now the Windows 8 USB connectors have been fixed. If this still not fix your USB-related problem, try to reset or restore Windows 8. Enjoy..


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