How To Create Windows 8 Live OS In USB Disk (Portable Version)

Creating Windows 8 Portable Edition In USB Disk – The nice thing about USB Flash Disk (UFD) is its ability not only ordinary data, but also a full working operating system by making it bootable. Normally many users make use of a UFD as bootable installation media to install an OS to a computer. But did you know that we can also make use of a UFD as to carry a live OS. Wait!! What is Live OS anyway. First thing first, have you ever heard Windows / Linux Live CD? It is a CD / DVD you can use to boot a PC with it and run full operating system (OS) without having to install whole OS on the PC itself. Sounds cool huh?

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But there is “thing” more cool than a Live CD, try Windows 8 Live USB. For you who didn’t know yet, Windows 8 Enterprise Edition has a special feature called “Windows To Go“. This newly introduced feature along with Windows 8 is such cool feature allows users to create a portable live version of fully functional Windows 8 currently installed on your PC. By having this Windows 8 portable live version you can boot any other PC and run Windows 8 on it without having to install Windows 8 on it.

Still not get it? Shortly you will be able to run Windows 8 on other PC without having to install Windows 8 first. Simply plug the USB in, then boot the PC and voila, you have Windows 8.

For instance, you have a PC running Windows 8 Enterprise and you’ve created its Live Portable version in a USB. But your wife’s or husband’s laptop is running Windows 7 or Linux on it. Simply plug the USB in it then boot that laptop so it will run Windows 8 without having to alter Linux or Windows 7 installation in it.

Obviously having Live Portable Windows 8 USB on hand will be very helpful when you are traveling or in a vacation but you need to work with a Windows 8 computer just like in your personal computer.

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Section 1: Preparation

- Prepare a 16 GB USB Disk, bigger storage space is better
– Make sure your USB Disk has “Designed for Windows” logo
– Make sure all your data in that USB Disk is backed up
– You’ll lose all your data in USB Disk
– Proceed with caution

Section 2: What you need

Beside an optimized-for-Windows USB Disk, do understand that once created, that live portable version of Windows 8 can only be run on a PC or laptop which is compatible for Windows 7 and Windows 8. It means the host computer should have necessary hardware as Windows 8 system requirements. But as long as the computer has at least 1GHz processor with 2GB of RAM, it should also work but the higher specs is better.

Section 3: The Guide

How to create Windows 8 portable version in a USB Disk using Windows To Go? You can download the full 7 pages tutorial below.

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So you knew how to create it. Make sure you share your experience with us. I’m sure you can bring that Live Windows 8 USB anywhere and show it off to your friends and colleagues. Have fun..


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