Download iOS 6.0.2 .IPSW (iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Only)

ios 6.0.2
Download iOS 6.0.2 .IPSW via Direct Hot Link For iPhone 5 and iPad Mini – While iOS 6.0.1 is still waiting for untethered jailbreak treatment, Apple has once again released a minor updated version of their world’s most popular mobile firmware and make it version 6.0.2. But this time the new firmware version is meant only for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini aimed to fix wifi problem happened on both iDevices running iOS 6.0.1. It has also been equipped with several bug fixes but unfortunately any user of iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs, iPod Touch 4G, iPod Touch 3G, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2 or iPad 1.

So, are you one of iPhone 5 or iPad Mini owners that feels disappointed with its Wifi performance? Go ahead download and install this update which also comes via Over The Air (OTA) mechanism. But if you are rely on Jailbreak and Unlock, do never download this update until a clearance notice from iPhone Dev Team. Meanwhile, MuscleNerd has confirmed that iOS 6.0.2 is not jailbreak-able at the moment.

Just my two cents, Apple has seeded iOS 6.1 Beta 4 for registered developers which means it shall be soon for the public version of iOS 6.1 release date. So, your choice is one of these options: 1. Upgrade to iOS 6.0.2 now; 2. Wait for iOS 6.1 to hit public release; 3. Stick with your current iOS version stable for untethered jailbreak. The choice is yours.

Whatever your choice is, you may need to have a copy of iOS 6.0.2 .IPSW file as who knows may be iPhone Dev Team found useful exploit to jailbreak this version. Any way, here is is the leaked direct download link:

- For iPad Mini (CDMA) : iPad2,7_6.0.2_10A8500_Restore.ipsw
For iPad Mini (GSM) : iPad2,6_6.0.2_10A8500_Restore.ipsw
For iPad Mini (Wifi) : iPad2,5_6.0.2_10A550_Restore.ipsw
For iPhone 5 (A1428): iPhone5,1_6.0.2_10A551_Restore.ipsw
For iPhone 5 (A1429): iPhone5,2_6.0.1_10A525_Restore.ipsw


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