Windows 8 Tips: Is My Computer Compatible For Windows 8

windows 8 compatibility

Are you so curious whether your current PC or laptop is compatible with Windows 8 or not? You can now answer that question following this guide. For your information, Microsoft has decided to merge the process of verifying the compatibility directly in the setup of Windows 8. Hence and normally, you have to buy Windows 8 in order to find out if its compatible with current specs of your computer or laptop.

Once you’ve read this guide, you will no longer need to buy Windows 8 first just to test and find out whether your computer is compatible or not. This tutorial will show you how to test your computer and see if it is compatible with Windows 8 without buying Windows 8 first. Read on..

How To Test Windows 8 Compatibility

- Download Upgrade Wizard from this link
– Double click on “Windows8-ReleasePreview-UpgradeAssistant.exe”
– It should now open
– If security warning window opens up, simply click Run
– The wizard then analyzes your system. Wait for it

windows 8 compatibility

- The wizard will present the results of compatibility test
– Click See compatibility details
– You’ll see what software and devices that work and what not
– A window will open up
– You’ll see what the culprit is :)
– Also try to scroll the list a bit down
– You’ll see compatible apps that work fine with Windows 8
– The compatible devices are also displayed in the bottom.
– Click Save or Print to keep track of the report.
– Once done, just click the Close button.

It is that simple. At this point, close the last window of the wizard. It is important not to continue because if you click Next you will start to download Windows 8 Preview Release (3 GB in size).


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