How To Find Out and Kill Running App On Galaxy S3

I’ve been so excited in these few days as the latest high-end phone I wanted has arrived. Yes it is the Samsung Galaxy SIII (SGS3). I’ve recorded the event of when I was unboxing my brand new phone. I want to follow up that post by sharing all necessary tips and tricks about SGS3 from the easiest one to advance. Today we’ll share another quick tip on using SGS3: how to know all running apps on your phone then how to stop each of them without having to install and use third-party tool. Read on..

1- On your phone, tap the “Settings” icon

2- Now scroll down a bit

3- Tap on Application Manager (under Device Section)

4- Now tap on “Running” tab

5- In the first time it may take few seconds to load

6- You’ll then see all running apps and tasks on your phone

7- Click on the app you want to stop / kill

8- You’ll see detailed information about that app along with all running services associated with it.

9- Simply tap on the “Stop” button in the app / service you want to kill

10- That’s it.

You can also watch a video demo on how it’s done here or via this one embedded below..


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