It’s Time To Install Installous 5 on iPhone 4S

installous 5.0-10

installous 5.0-10
One of must have app and being 1 of top 10 jailbreak apps every jailbreaker should install after a successful jailbreak is “Installous” by Hackulous. Well, if you are a new kid the block then you can simply understand this app as a main door to install cracked apps on your iPhone or iPad (jailbroken of course). This app also brings the term “liberating iOS” to a higher level.

This is Installous app allows you to install practically any cracked Apple store app on your jailbroken iPhone/iTouch for free. But of course you should have find clean .IPA files as installing cracked apps can somehow lead you to install infected apps on your device. Many said “cracked” while others said “illegal” which refer to unofficial applications and those that other Apple users have cracked.

Recently, Hackulous team has just released Installous 5 intended for iDevices running iOS 5.1.1. Obviously, besides its support to iOS 5.1.1, the new Installous also comes with several performance and feature enhancements including supports to BitTorrent downloads, iOS 5 Notifications, and several bug fixes.

How To Install Installous 5.0-10

Step 0.
Jailbreak your iDevice first:
How to: AbsintheSn0wbreezeRedSn0w

Step 1.
Once it’s jailbroken, you should has Cydia app installed. Tap to launch it.

Step 2.
In Cydia, tap on Manage >> Sources >> Edit >> Add >> type following repo url in it..

hackulous repo

Tap on that “Add Source” button and wait for Cydia to validating the repo url.

Step 3.
Now tap on “Search” button in the bottom right corner >> search for “Installous” >> then tap on it.

search installous

Step 4.
So you are now seeing the installation screen. Simply hit that “Install” button followed by tapping “Confirm”.

installous 5

confirm installous

Step 5.
As what you can see in there, the installation will also fetch and install AppSync, Mobile Substrate, Source GUI, WeeLoader, Substrate Safe Mode and of course the Installous 5. The whole process is practically simple and easy. Once you hit that “Confirm” button, Cydia will begin downloading all required files.

downloading installous

Step 6.
If you are lucky and did not face any trouble, Installous 5 should now be successfully installed. Once done, you may also need to restart Springboard. Go ahead hit that button.

installous finish installing

That’s it and enjoy..

installous 5 pressbyte

Fix Hash Sum Mismatch During Installation

Honestly, the first time I tried installing Installous I got a red error text saying “Hash Sum Mismatch” which in deed fixing it is practically just a piece of cake.

1- Make sure you are connected to a reliable Internet connection
2- Try to restart your iDevice then restart Cydia as well
3- Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

And if the error still appears, try:
1- Delete and re-add repo source, or..
2- Re-install Cydia, or..
3- Restore your iPhone then re-jailbreak (the worst scenario)

A Workaround for Installous 5 API Error

If you’ve found such error, simply launch Cydia app, delete then re-install AppSync. Practically go to Cydia >> Manage >> Packages >> AppSync >> Modify >> Remove >> Confirm. That’s it.


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