Galaxy S2 and Note Get SGS3 TouchWiz UX While Nexus Gets 4.0.4 ICS

touchwiz UX SGS3

There two good stuffs come to select Samsung’s high-end handsets. Firstly, we see an unofficial port of Galaxy S III (SGS3) TouchWiz UX for Galaxy S II (SGS2) and Note. As what we’ve seen in many hands-on videos of SGS3, the newly loaded TouchWiz UX on it looks very fast and sleek. Obviously because SGS3 is equipped with powerful processor and GPU plus the TouchWiz UX is a new version.

touchwiz UX SGS3

For SGS2 owners who like to give this ported TWUX, just make sure you have Samsung-based ROM running on it. Curious? Get TWUX for SGS2 with more queries from this link.

But if you owned a Galaxy Note and want to try how sleek and cool is SGS3 TWUX on your G Note, you should have a brave heart flashing a custom ROM as the ported TWUX is not coming as standalone app but included in a third-part custom Android ROM which you can grab it from this link.

And now we talk about another Android stuff. Verizon had just newly pushed new firmware update to Galaxy Nexus. This new one seems as Android 4.0.4 (build IMM76K) ROM. Unfortunately, Verizon has pulled it out from OTA server. But as usual, there will always be a leak out there.

A guy at AndroidPolice has uploaded the leak to several file hosting sites as mirror alternative. Before flashing this ROM, make sure your Galaxy Nexus is rooted with custom recovery installed, plus, a brave heart. Also, a complete nandroid backup may come handful.

You can download leaked Android 4.0.4 ROM for Verizon Galaxy Nexus (with more queries) here.


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