New and Updated Android Apps Today: #3

pick pic camera

It’s been awhile since my last post about Android apps round up. Today I gonna show you several not so new Android apps which getting updated recently. All of them is hand-picked which I believe will give you advantages to make your life easier utilizing your Android phone.

In the start up line there is Dolphin Browser HD followed by Pick Pic Camera, Facelock For Apps and many others. Go ahead read on..

Dolphin Browser HD v8.1.1

dolphin browser hd
Best third-party browser app used by thousands Android users around the world. Within this version Dolphin Browser app has been getting fixed problem that stay in the Loop page which cannot be skipped in Portuguese. This browser is the most favorite browser supports many add-ons.
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FaceLock for apps Pro v2.5.5

facelock app facelock
Use ICS-like Facelock feature letting you to you choose individual apps you want to protect. Besides, set PIN, pattern or password as alternative access method.
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Pick Pic Camera v1.0.10.05010

pick pic camera
Pick Pic Camera is a camera app that allow you to record photos right before and right after the moment you pressed the shutter button along with that very moment. You will then be able to pick the best shot among the pictures taken and save it as a still picture.
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SetCPU for Root Users v3.0.0

setcpu setcpu
Basically it is a cool android app allowing you to overclock or underclock your phone’s CPU speed. SetCPU is a tool for changing the CPU settings on a rooted Android phone, including the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, Motorola Droid, Nexus One, G1, G2, Samsung Galaxy S II, myTouch 4G, Motorola Xoom, or one of many other devices to improve performance or save battery.
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Smart Screen ON PRO v1.4

smart screen on
Smart screen ON is an innovative app which turns your proximity sensor into a power button. There are two mode available: “Wave Mode” and “Tap and Swipe Mode”, both mode can coexist.
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Fingerprint Lock v1.4

fingerprints lock app
Within this new version, the main app has been localized and translated to include many new languages. Customizable Fingerprint Lock that actually locks your phone. So if you are curious on how to lock / unlock your Android phone using fingerprint technology, this app is for you.
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Battery Monitor Widget Pro 2.3

Battery Monitor Widget Pro Battery Monitor Widget Pro app
The all-in-one app that tracks and displays detailed information regarding your phone’s battery information, usage and status. It measures real battery capacity using historical data then displays all information using great looking graphics, fully scrollable and zoomable.
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Math Studio v5.3

math android app math pro
The comprehensive Android app to do all Math tasks from basic to advanced. MathStudio, formerly SpaceTime, is the most comprehensive math app available for Android phones and tablets.
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SoundHound v3.0.6

soundhound app soundhound
SoundHound is instant music search and discovery with the world’s fastest music recognition and exclusive singing search. So if you have accidentally heard a nice song somewhere and curious of what that song’s title and whos sing it, this app will help you.
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AutoKiller Memory Optimizer v7.5.2

autokiller mem optimize memory optimizer auto killer
AutoKiller Memory Optimizer speeds up your rooted device and makes your battery last longer. It kills all unnecessary idle tasks in the background.
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FriendCaster Pro for Facebook v5.0.6

This app is a third-party unofficial Facebook client app for Android. This one has more advanced features and joyful experience compared to the official one. With new ActionBar UI, Friendcaster for FB also has the ability to select the privacy setting for each Facebook Status/Post you make.
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Jump Desktop v4.0.7 (RDP & VNC)

jump desktop jump desktop pro
This app is a remote desktop application that lets you control your computer from your Android phone or tablet. It means you can virtually run Windows 7, XP or even Mac OS X on your handset.
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Autorun Manager Pro v3.4.2

autorun manager autorun manager app
Autorun Manager (formerly Autorun Killer) is an ultimate tool that lets you disable all the autostarting apps you don’t need. Autorun Manager in basic mode lets you manage applications that start up when you boot your device.
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Smart Tools v1.4.4

Smart Tools is an all-in-one toolbox app contains any basic things you need for daily life as well as on adventure. It has Flashlight, Sound level meter, Vibrometer, Compass, Metal detector, GPS, as well as measuring tools like Distance, Height, Width, Area, Length, Angle, Slope, and Level.
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Tapatalk Forum v2.1.1

tapatalk app tapatalk android app
The number one app allowing its users to join, discus and reply to threads of many online forums in the world. From online games to technology, animals to extreme couponing, there is a forum out there to suit your interests.
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Titanium Backup PRO v5.1.1

titanium backup pro titanium backup android app
This piece of app is capable to backup all apps, Market links, remove bloatware & many other vital tasks. Really a great app for new Android owners who are confused on how to backup their phone.
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OfficeSuite Pro 6 v6.1.853

office android app office mobile app
Office Suite app is the ultimate Android application that’s capable to display, edit and manage various office documents like Word, excel, powerpoint, pdf and so on. It sleeks and has great performance in reading Microsoft Office files.
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AntTek File Explorer v3.1.2

anttek file manager explorer anttek file exploer app
Just like its name, this app is a file explorer app just like what Microsoft Windows has it. Users can browse, manage, copy, paste, move and organize almost any files in their phone. This app is the first multi-panel file explorer on Android OS.
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That is it. And if you may lucky, you can grab its standalone .apk file installer there. Anyway, if you’ve found any paid app, please delete it immediately and grab it via Google Play to support its developer.


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